Book Review: Manor of Secrets by Katherine Longshore


Lady Charlotte Edmonds and Janie Seward live very different lives. One lives in the upstairs of the Manor, sheltered and pampered, yet dreaming of adventure. The other dwells in the basement, spending her days toiling in the kitchen, reminding herself to be content with her station. When their worlds collide Charlotte and Janie discover that they both wonder how the ‘the other half’ lives and some are willing to take more risks than others to cross the boundaries between nobility and servants.


Book Review- The Waking Dreamer by J. E. Alexander


Emmett Brennan is a seventeen year old orphan that has the same surreal dream over and over. There is always the painting of Belshazzar’s Feast, marred with words scribbled overhead, and there is always the amber-eyed woman with the serpents around her neck. She tells Emmett that he will one day save her. But when the woman in these dreams turns up in real life, Emmett is hurled into a startling reality of the dangerous forces that are after him.


Book Review: The Vengeful Earl by L. A. Hilden


Aiden Northwood, the Earl of Sinclair is determined to destroy the life of Lady Veronica Witley, whom he believes is responsible for stealing his father’s love and bringing misery to his mother. He intends to do this by seducing and ruining her daughter, Lydia Witley. However, Lydia is already head over heels in love with him, believes he loves her in return, and is set on marrying him.


Book Review: The Devil in the Corner by Patricia Elliot


Just when governess Maud has run out of luck, she receives a letter from her uncle’s elderly step- daughter, Juliana. She wants Maud to come live at her estate in the town of Rending. Maud goes eagerly, hoping to escape the nightmares of her life as a governess. Once there, she encounters John, an artist Juliana has hired to restore a Judgment Day mural in the local church, and they soon fall in love. But life with Juliana quickly turns into a new nightmare, and Maud turns to the drug laudanum for escape.


Book Review: Endless by Amanda Gray


Endless is about Jenny Kramer, a 17 year old who has a unique power: she can see people’s past lives just by touching them. After an event with an Ouija board, Jenny starts dreaming about Maria Romanov and the boy she loved, Nikolai. Jenny also befriends Ben, a temporary resident of Stony Creek. When Ben and Jenny share a dream, they realize that the dreams are actually memories. Then Nikolai shows up at Jenny’s art show, and  she discovers he has crossed time and space to be with her. But there are sinister forces that want Nikolai back in his proper time.